What is Reiki?


Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is a combination of two Japanese words "Rei" and "Ki".  It has been defined using such explanations as: healing energy, universal life force energy, cosmic, and  spiritual energy. Life force is the energy in all living things (eg: people, animals, trees, plants). Reiki is a form of energy healing that comes from the universe and then goes through a person who has learned Reiki.

Reiki is one of many methods of energy healing.  It differs from other forms of energy healing because Reiki practitioners do not use their own energy when treating people. It is Reiki (let's call it “cosmic energy” for now) that empowers the body to come into balance.  Reiki practitioners do not exert any effort in making something happen.  Reiki is also part of holistic health care in that Reiki addresses the whole person who has the disease, rather than just the disease.  The Reiki session is stress reducing and a very relaxing experience.  It promotes balance within the body and allows the body to heal itself.  Here are some other facts:

    -   Reiki is a gentle form of healing

    -   Reiki balances the energy of the whole person including body, mind, and spirit

    -   It is quick, safe, and easy to learn

    -   Reiki helps you stay balanced and make better decisions

    -   It is used in conjunction with medical treatment

    -   There are no medical contraindications with Reiki

    -   Facilitates healing and supports a faster recovery process

    -   Helps alleviate negative side effects of medications

    -   Very helpful to use during surgery, pregnancy, and childbirth

    -   Reduces pain without the use of medication

    -   Reiki also works well on animals, infants, and children

    -   Reiki is not affiliated with any religion

    -   Reiki is not faith healing.  Reiki can be spiritual in nature     


Please Note:  You don't have to believe in Reiki for it to work. Some people question "how does it work without believing in it?"  I find a good explanation is "just because you can't see the air doesn't stop you from breathing. Just because you can't see prayers doesn't stop you from praying.   Same with Reiki --- just because you can't see Reiki doesn't stop you from believing.  That's what we call faith and trust."   Takata would often tell her students: "Just trust Reiki.  It works."   

The fact that Reiki is so simple means that you do not have to know anything prior to taking the class.    When you take a First Degree Reiki class, you will have the ability to use Reiki anytime and anywhere.  You will be able to treat yourself and others.  For example:  I do Reiki on myself during meetings, on airplanes, during dental appointments, and even at bedtime to promote deep, restful sleep.  It can be safely used for any time of illness, condition, or situation.     

Because I teach the way Mrs. Takata did, I do not include teaching about the chakras in my classes.  The chakras are not part of Reiki.  They are considered the energy fields in another system, from India.  Usui, Hayashi and Takata did not talk or teach about the chakras.  If they did, the chakras would have Japanese names and not Sanskrit ones.


For more information about my classes, please click on this link to read the section called Initiations and Classes.


Reiki can help with other circumstances and situations besides medical conditions

  Here are some examples:

    -  Clearing of unhealthy energy in real estate properties

    -  Helping find appropriate employment 

    -  Dealing with relationship issues in a positive way 

    -  Test anxiety 

    -  Job interviews 

    -  Auditions and performances


Reiki can help improve your Business

Most successful and profitable businesses depend on itheir greatest assets – their employees.

How many businesses do you know that didn’t succeed because of poor management as well as unhappy and unhealthy employees? The well-being of one’s staff is a high priority. Employees who learn Reiki are noticing:

-         -  Lower stress & tension

-         -  Decrease in absenteeism due to work related illnesses

-         -  Greater productivity from boosting efficiency and morale

-         -  Improvement in sleep

-         -  Improvement in concentration & mental clarity

-         -  Experiencing less physical pain

-         -  Increase in energy

-         -  Emotional balance

-         -  Improvement in working relationships


      Selecting a Reiki Practitioner & Master/Teacher


Books cannot initiate or activate Reiki.  They are not a substitute for taking Reiki classes.  I believe it is very important to provide my students with a solid foundation (which includes understanding the history and various practices of Reiki.) My goal is for my students to be comfortable, confident, and compassionate Reiki practitioners.  


I would like to offer suggestions how to select a Reiki practitioner. This person should have experience, compassion, integrity, and an accurate knowledge of Reiki.  If you are looking for a person (besides myself) who practices the traditional way -- the same as Hawayo Takata taught --you may want to check organizations for a list of their Masters. The Reiki Alliance  only accept members who were taught the traditional way, without the extra “bells and whistles” that have been added since Mrs. Takata’s passing.   


Very Important Question to ask: "How often do you do treatments on yourself?"

The answer should be "daily " and not "just when I feel sick ".



Prior to taking a Reiki class, you may want to consider these suggestions in helping you select a Reiki teacher.   Some questions you can ask are: 

-        - How long have you been practicing Reiki?   

-        - How much experience have you had? 

-        - Were you trained in person or on-line?     (Answer should be “in person ”)

-        - What can you tell me about your background and your lineage?  

    - Where did you get your training and what did it involve?

-        - Were you initiated in person by your Reiki Master?    (Answer should be “yes ”)

-        - Will I get notes and a certificate upon completion of the class?

    - What is your cancellation policy for classes and for missed appointments?


Rememberwith traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho, you will receive initiations at each class. You may find some people who say they are teaching a traditional class and that you only need one (1) initiation in First Degree class.  There needs to be four (4) initiations in the First Degree class and one (1) in the Second Degree class for it to be a traditional Reiki class !


***   All Reiki treatments are done with clients remaining fully clothed -- except for the taking off your shoes.  Be aware if you find a Reiki practitioner asking you to do more than this.  



My Explanation of How Reiki Works


I like to explain how Reiki can work in simple terms with this analogy. Please imagine that humans are like a garden hose. Water can flow easily down the hose and into the body. At times there may be little stones or dirt that will get into the hose and makes the flow of water more difficult. Let's say that these stones represent what people possess. Some examples are: worries, anger, fear, toxins from medications or cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. Each stone builds up on top of the next one. Soon there is only a trickle of water running through the hose. That is the way energy is flowing in the body but not full force.


At this point, people usually experience pain and feel sick. During a Reiki treatment, energy is moving throughout the body (like water moves through a hose). So water washes down, clearing the stones/obstructions, and flushes out these things. The water coming out of the hose is now clean and free of things that cause dis-ease and diseases. As a result, the flow of energy increases and is stronger. Without such a buildup of dirt/stones/toxins in their body, people feel better. Reiki doesn't attack the disease but helps balance the body and helps it become healthy.


This is a video showing Reiki as Complementary Therapy. It aired on ABC - May 1, 2008. The explanation given in this video is very similar to how I explain Reiki.  I hope you enjoy watching it.