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  Thank you for visiting my web site.  I am Elayne Rae Crystal -  a Reiki Master and Practitioner.


 People have asked me if I changed my name to correspond with the word "Reiki" which is pronounced as "Ray-key"

 Here is my answer: I am using the names Elayne Rae, given to me at birth.

 My last name is my married name - Crystal.  

 It is a nice coincidence that my names are connected with what I practice and teach.  


Reiki Master means I am a teacher of Reiki.  I provide training for those interested in learning Reiki.  I teach Reiki classes in First Degree (Shoden), Second Degree (Okuden) and the Master level (Shinpiden).   


Reiki Practitioner means that I can give Reiki treatments to people, animals, and even plants. 


It seems like so many people today can identify with some of these situations:

  • Are you a parent exhausted every time your child is sick?  Does this cause added stress taking time off work?
  • Are you a caregiver having to look for additional &/or better ways to care for others?
  • Are you looking for alternatives to minimize the need for medications or medical procedures?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of your life (EG: reduce stress & anxiety, remove toxicity from the body, dealing with anger or depression?)


Prescription medications certainly do help these conditions, yet often there are negative side effects when taking them. Reiki can be used in combination with medical treatments and often can decrease the need for medication.  Also the traditional standard method of treatment in our American healtcare system rarely looks at the "root cause" of a problem and treats only the symptom;  left untreated, it can manifest into illness.  With Reiki, we address and heal the underlying cause so healing takes place. 

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.  It has no dogma, so there is nothing you must believe in for it to work.  It is a Japanese hands-on relaxation and healing technique that promotes balance in your body.  Reiki can help relieve pain, suffering, and dealing with life's challenges.  It can enhance the quality of life.  After a Reiki treatment, animals and people become more tranquil and feel calmer.

Reiki can be taught to anyone who wants to learn -- no prior experience or training is needed. 


  ***  Corona Virus Information

Due to the quarantine that we are going through at this time, I cannot do hands-on Reiki treatments.  I can continue to send absentee treatments without physical touch or contact. The receiver (person, animal, plant, environment, or situation) gets the full treatment without being physically present for the session.

I can also schedule treatments for stressful times, such as just before and right after surgeries, or immediately prior to court cases, childbirth, when a person is sick, and even selling or buying a home.  Additionally, some clients purchase distance healing treatments for sick family members, homebound seniors, family or friends in hospitals or nursing homes, etc.


People have learned how to prevent or fix computer viruses, flu-like viruses, and now are working to stop the covid virus from spreading.  The system of Reiki (Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho) which I practice and teach is also a means of prevention & healing -- for negative thoughts, emotions, and situations that cause physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses. Negative examples  include fear, anger, worry, depression, and anxiety. I like to think of positive words to "put out in the universe" when dealing with this pandemic & social isoation. 

My message is:   Don't count the days, make the days count       


 *** I recently received this email message from a client who received a few absentee treatments to help with her anxiety, wanting to increase her immune system, and help with sleeping.  Here it is:

The sessions were really great, in some ways stronger than the hands-on treatment.  Perhaps it's because I was able to lay in my bed and not have to get up afterwards.  That was a real treat.  I do see that the distant Reiki is helping me. I am sleeping better and have more energy than before.   My anxiety level is much lower now.  Thanks so much.  I wish you continued success in helping others.”   

                 You can read the “Treatments” section on this web site for more details.

Unfortunately, my classes are also on hold  during this pandemic.  This is to protect and maintain safety for my students and myself.  Without direct contact with the teacher, there is a lot missing when we are not together in the same room.   In the First degree class, you receive 4 Initiations which should not be done from a distance.  The practice that I follow and teach (Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho), the act of receiving the initiations is a very special and sacred experience.  Initiation means a new beginning and is very necessary to the start your Reiki journey.  I do not want to perform the initiations remotely (via internet or zoom, etc) so that there can be no doubt in your mind that the initiation has taken place.  With us being physically in the same room, you will be able to see me, feel the touch of my hands, and hear the same sounds at the same time.  A virtual class is simply not the same experience for the energy to be felt and transmitted.  

In addition to the teaching of Reiki, sharing stories & experiences, and having time to practice the proper techniques, the initiations are an important element of the class. In all instances, the teacher can observe and support the students so that they are in the right space – mind – body – speech – for the initiations and for learning. 

With on-line classes, students’ faces may look focused and calm, hands perfectly held in the proper position, but out of view, their feet could be tapping a mile a minute in restlessness and /or state of anxiety. In an in-person class, the teacher can more clearly see all the nuances of what students are doing or experiencing and can respond in ways that cannot be done distantly. 

If interested, let me know and I will add your name to the list of people who want to learn Reiki.   I will be happy to start doing hands-on treatments and teaching Reiki classes again when it's safe in Lexington, Ky and Needham, Ma.    My email address is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



     What happens during a Reiki treatment ?

     -   You (the client) are fully clothed at all times

      -   You can sit up in a chair or lay down on a Reiki table 

      -   Reiki practitioners apply a light touch or hover above the body 

      -   Reiki is not the same as massage...  read more on this web site

      -   The experience is usually very calm and relaxing

      -   Reiki helps balance the body and then healing can occur  

      -   Everything that is discusssed during our session remains confidential


On this web site, I have made some suggestions "How to select a Reiki Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher". Look under the section called What is Reiki and scroll down the page to see what I have suggested.  I have also repeated some facts in the different sections as I realize that some readers may look at some sections and not read all of the sections on this web site.  I want to make sure to give you the best understanding about Reiki that I possibly can. The ideal situation is to have a Reiki treatment/session to experience for yourself and see how you feel afterwards. 


I treat clients and teach Reiki classes in Lexington Kentucky & Needham, Massachusetts (close to Newton, MA)

I use and teach the traditional system of Reiki called Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.  This translates as Usui's  Method of Natural Healing.  There are times when you take a class elsewhere and after coming home, you file the notes and forget what was taught.  First Degree Reiki is one class that you can use immediately after learning and for the rest of your life.  Reiki is great for first aid such as dealing with pain, accidents, stress, and emotional upsets.  Reiki can relieve symptoms and support recovery from chronic illnesses.  It is very easy to learn.  No one has ever failed a Reiki class.   You can use Reiki anywhere -- at home, at work, when travelling, and/or even when watching a movie.

Reiki differs from other energy healing methods because there is a specific Initiation process.  Initiations, also called Attunements or Energy Activators, start the flow of Reiki in a person's body.  Each initiation protects you, the student, from transmitting or absorbing any negative energetic patterns.


I consider Reiki to be a true blessing in my life. It was a big commitment (time wise and financially) for me to become a Reiki Master.  As a Reiki Master, I don’t consider myself to be “The Master” but a teacher in the sense of someone who teaches, and is always learning from others and through my own experiences.  I have recently expanded my private practice to include helping people with relocating and buying/selling their homes.  Click on the section of this web site called My Journey for details.  Reiki can also help clear negative energies from areas such as homes, airports, airplanes, cars, dorm rooms, hospital rooms, and office buildings.


This diagram is a good way to explain how Reiki heals the mind and body.  

 reiki diagram

I feel very fortunate that I learned Reiki.  It helps me deal with life's challenges in a positive way, as well as feeling good to be able to help others.  My hope is that you can experience and enjoy the benefits of Living with Reiki.


To Contact Me  - Please email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can arrange a good time to talk.   



In good health,