Elayne's Reiki Journey


Welcome to this section of my web site. I am Elayne Rae Crystal and happy you are interested in learning about Reiki. I was born in Toronto, Canada and have lived in the United States for most of my adult life. I have my Master's Degree in Reading and specialized in Early Childhood Education. I taught over 25 years in a Preschool, Sunday school, and in the Public School system as a Kindergarten teacher. All of my teacher training was with lectures, reading books, writing and following lesson plans, and student teaching. My Reiki training was very different from this training. Let me explain ...

Reiki is usually taught as an oral tradition, and thus it is hard to explain in writing. Oral tradition means that the story and teachings of Reiki are passed on from teacher to students by word of mouth. We tell, show, and let people see, as well as believe, for themselves. By experiencing and learning Reiki, they understand it. Reiki is not learned by reading about it in a book or watching a DVD. The best way to understand what Reiki is would be to experience a Reiki treatment and/or attend a class.


Taking Reiki Classes


I started receiving Reiki treatments when I had a number of health concerns and was very stressed while teaching Kindergarten. I decided to learn Reiki to help me overcome these conditions. I was taught in the First Degree Reiki class that it is very important to do self-treatments. Ideally one should do a full body treatment every day.  This can be either at one sitting or divided into a few sessions. When I started treating myself daily, I could feel and see the benefits of doing this. I began to realize that there are more effective ways to handle stressful events, family issues, painful conditions, and challenges of daily living. After a while, I began to feel healthier, calmer, and happier.  


The First Degree class is called "Shoden" (in Japanese). The Second Degree class is called "Okuden" (in Japanese). The Third Degree is the Master/Teacher training class is called "Shinpiden" (in Japanese).  You may read or hear that other people in different lineages refer to these classes as Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.  

Once I became comfortable with Reiki, I started treating my husband and children.  Then I treated some people who lived close by. I was interested in taking Second Degree class to increase the energy level of Reiki. I also wanted to learn more advanced techniques and be able to do absentee (or distant) treatments for family members who were not living in Lexington, KY.  Eventually I decided to take the Master training and this allowed me to become an instructor and teach Reiki to others. I enjoy the role of a teacher and wanted to put my teaching skills to use.


What I Noticed  - Things started changing during my training as a Reiki Master Candidate and working as a Reiki Practitioner.  I started to notice profound changes in the way I dealt with environmental issues, unexpected situations, and various medical conditions. I also found myself feeling more relaxed and was able to decrease (and eventually stop taking) some prescription medications for stress and digestive problems.



Life as a Reiki Master


When I retired from teaching in 2008, the timing was right for me to study and learn the time-honored tradition of Reiki, brought to the USA by Hawayo Takata.  This system of Reiki  that I practice and teach is called Usui Shiki (Reiki) Ryoho.  As a Reiki Master/teacher, I  live with Reiki every day. This includes doing self-treatments daily, following the five (5) Reiki Precepts, and trying to be a positive example for others. I have learned that one cannot become a Master of anything in a weekend. That would be like becoming a Master Electrician just by watching a video of how to do electrical work. It takes a lot of time, practice, dedication, and an apprenticeship of learning directly with someone who is experienced in this type of work.


My Master training was intensive, very thorough, and included a long apprenticeship program.  I had to attend many of First and Second Degree classes, treat over 150 people in person, and 150 absentee treatments. I have also attended many Reiki seminars. I have been truly fortunate to have met many other Reiki Masters from all over the world.  You will find more information in the Lineage Section of this web site. 


My training was also quite extensive. Unlike some who learn it over a weekend, a week, or even ten days, mine was almost two years in training. I am truly grateful for the opportunity. My Reiki journey icontinues to be on-going. I learn more about Reiki as I practice and teach others. I also organize Reiki shares and study groups with other Reiki Masters & Practitioners. I am a member of The Reiki Alliance. It is a special honor to be part of this group. The group is the oldest international professional Reiki organization in existence, with extensive and rigorous criteria for membership.  The Reiki Alliance accepts Reiki Masters all over the world who practice and teach Reiki the way it was taught by Hawayo Takata. The link to this group is http://www.reikialliance.com/en 


In May 2015, I attended my first Reiki Alliance Conference, near Portland Oregon. All participants were trained Masters of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.  Can you imagine meeting others from USA, Canada, Amsterdam, Denmark, Barbados, Argentina, Italy, England, Mexico, Brazil, Grenada, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, and the Netherlands? I formed friendships with people all over the world who share a common bond of Reiki. "Reiki shares" were a great way to start each day. Here is how they work -- One person was on the Reiki table and three others gave that person a treatment on specific areas.  Then we switched and another person received a treatment.  The hardest part was getting off the table so others could have a turn.  I am happy to share more stories when you take my classes or have a Reiki treatment.


During and after the Covid Pandemic (as of 2020) , members of The Reiki Alliance continue to meet on zoom.  Even though we are countries apart, we are still together.   


I have also participated in Reiki conferences in the Massachusetts area. These are wonderful opportunities for Reiki professional development, on-going education, and feeling part of a local community.  One keynote speaker was  Reiki Master Frans Stiene, who lives in Australia.  He talked about "The Buddhist Roots of the System of Reiki & What it Means for Our Practice."  Another time, we heard Reiki Master /author  Frank Arjava Petter who explained many details about Usui's background, his life in Japan and about his Reiki practice. 

We all can use Reiki in our lives. I am so grateful that I was able to devote so much time to learning Reiki. I believe that the money I have spent on my Reiki training and travels has been the best investment of my life. I cannot easily explain all the health and happiness that I have gained from learning, practicing, and teaching Reiki. My clients, students, family members, and friends enjoy receiving Reiki for illnesses and/or to help them maintain good health.  I hope you will be able to say the same thing after you experience having received a Reiki session on yourself.



 My Reiki Journey Continues  


 June 2017 - My Reiki journey continues to grow, develop, and amaze me.  I recently moved from Foxboro to Needham, Ma and also live part time in Lexington, KY.   I did some Reiki sessions on helping with the sale for my Massachusetts condo and purchase of another, and it worked. I even got above the asking price for the sale of my place.   I have since started doing absentee Reiki sessions for others who want to purchase or sell a home in this competitive market.  If you are interested in having me help you get your desired location/home, contact me.  It is well worth the cost of seeing how Reiki can help you.   Mrs. Takata would say to her students,  “Let Reiki teach you”;  it continues to teach me on so many levels.   



 January  2018 -  I want to share with you correspondence that I received from the person who recently bought my condo in Foxboro, MA.   She wrote me the following:


      "You may think I’m a bit crazy, Elayne, but I feel this home is magical.  

       We love it very much and are so happy here.  It creates such a positive aura. 

       I can see it when people visit.  They actually feel so good while they are here. 

       I don’t know what you did to create such a magical feeling.

       Just want to let you know that we are all ecstatic about the place."


Elayne's thoughts about having a "positive aura":  While living in that condo, I practiced Reiki and followed the Reiki Precepts.  I did many things connected to Reiki --  I taught Reiki classes, did hands-on Reiki sessions for myself and others, and did numerous absentee/distant healing treatments. I also had Reiki to help me buy a new place, sell that condo, and have people buy it who would appreciate living there.   Now that I have a condo in Needham, I hear people commenting that they feel positive energy when they visit.  What do you think?


Buying & Selling Homes   - I have been providing Reiki for people buying & selling homes.  Real Estate Agents have requested that Reiki be used to help with situations where their clients weren't getting the homes they wanted.  I explain that sometimes Reiki may not always work the way we want or expect, but in the long run perhaps it does work as it’s meant to be. I am happy to say that most of these people are getting the homes they wanted after I do Reiki for their housing situation. 


Another popular use for Reiki --  to clear negative energies that are still lingering in the recently purchased home.  When there has been traumatic or stressful situations in the home, the buyers want the home to be cleared so they aren't going to pick up or be affected by the energies of the previous owners. Such negative energies can leave an energetic imprint or residue that stays there. 



Also, a sickness or suffering of the individual who has passed and those who are left behind grieving can be heavy.  Emotions like grief, anger, depression, and resentment can change the energetic frequency of vibration of a house and that can also affect how quickly the house sells. Even if the house is empty the negative imprint can still be there.   By using specific Reiki techniques, such negative vibes can be removed and replaced with positive energy.



More examples where Reiki can be used to clear negative energies:


  • dorm rooms
  • homes that you are renting
  • hospital rooms
  • in places where you work  (office buildings or your own work station)
  • in rental or pre-owned cars 
  • large areas where many people gather
  • airports and airplanes