Are you feeling anxious, tense, overwhelmed or stressed? Or maybe you just want to maintain feeling healthy and balanced? Or perhaps you have a physical or emotional condition you would like to address and control more effectively? Whatever the situation, you will find that having a Reiki treatment can help you in many ways. Reiki balances the body as it heals to restore health and wellness on the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual level.


typical Reiki treatment involves using 12 standard hand positions to treat specific places on the head, abdomen, and back. These hand positions also treat the endocrine system and organs. Then additional areas are treated to help with specific ailments and conditions. Reiki is effective for helping to reduce stress, pain, and suffering associated with common ailments as well as life-threatening diseases and other health challenges.  There are many conditions and health challenges that have been helped with Reiki. The list is too extensive to mention them all in this web site.  Here are some examples:


Mental & emotional conditions (eg: depression, anxiety, attitudinal problems, making decisions, Alzheimer’s disease)

Neurological conditions (eg: memory, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, ALS)

Insomnia and improving sleep habits

Cancer & treatments like chemotherapy and radiation  

Headaches (eg:  headaches caused from stress, tension, sinuses, migraines)

Skin conditions (eg: rashes, shingles, acne)

Respiratory problems (eg: colds, emphysema, allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis)

Pregnancy (before conception, during pregnancy, during delivery, and/orpostpartum care)

Attention and learning differences (eg: ADD, ADHD)

Digestive issues, gastro conditions (eg: reflux, hiatal hernia, crohns, colitis, diverticulitis)

Dental conditions (eg: tooth abcess, TMJ, pain during and after dental procedures)


Other Conditions:  ear and eye disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hiccups, baldness, vertigo, sciatica, varicose veins, prostate problems, hemorrhoids, arthritis, high blood pressure



Reiki can be used in emergency situations and accidents. Always call 911 for any emergency medical aid that may be needed. While waiting for help, you can treat the person with Reiki. People respond very well when Reiki is applied right after an accident or injury happens. Some examples when Reiki helps immediately include sunburn, shock, stroke, whiplash, burns, cuts, or even when you twist your ankle. Many times there is no signs of bruising when Reiki is done immediately. Minor burns that are quickly treated with Reiki rarely blister. Bleeding from small cuts, scrapes, and scratches stops quickly and the healing process starts immediately.

People respond to Reiki treatments differently. No one can predict what will happen during a session. I don't want you to have unrealistic expectations. I am not making any claims as to what can happen during a treatment. I place my hands on various parts of the body and then let Reiki flow. Like a sponge soaking up water, people take in or soak up Reiki energy during a treatment. When a person's body is balanced or saturated, it simply stops receiving the energy for that session. One cannot overdose or get too much Reiki.


True Reiki Stories


Some health conditions respond more quickly to Reiki than others. I want to share with you some true stories which illustrate the effectiveness of receiving a Reiki treatment.  I have a detailed story about Reiki and Pregnancy.  It can be found in the section called Medical Settings . Here are some others that you may find interesting. 


Story #1:    Headaches can usually be relieved in just minutes after applying Reiki. I was travelling on an airplane and the person beside me had a migraine headache. I heard her ask the stewardess if she had something that would help. The stewardess said that she couldn't give her anything. I then explained that I could try to help without medicine -- but with my hands. She agreed to let me treat her. Within 15 minutes her headache completely disappeared and she felt more relaxed. She said to me "you are doing magic!". I said, "it isn't me. It's Reiki that is doing the healing."


Story #2:  A client was going through some changes in her life and was dealing with some depression and was having trouble sleeping.  She started taking medication for this condition and was experiencing negative side effects.  While staying on the medication she let me do some mental-emotional treatments to help her.  She was willing to try 4 sessions in a week and noticed great difference in the way she was feeling by the end of the week.  When she went to see her doctor, he lowered the medicine’s dosage. She asked for a few more Reiki sessions and within a few weeks she was able to go off the medicine completely. 


Story #3:    This is a story about treating a cat.  I had recently taught a Reiki class.   One of the students called me two weeks later.  Her cat was sick and she took the cat to the veterinarian. The cat was given an injection and some medicine to treat an infection. After coming back from the veterinarian the cat did not feel well and appeared traumatize. My student, the cat's owner gave her cat a Reiki treatment that evening. Afterwards the cat curled up and slept. The next day the owner told me that her cat got its energy back much earlier than the vet predicted. The cat was lively and playful. The owner said she was amazed to see how Reiki seemed to make a great difference in the way her cat felt and acted.  She was so happy that she learned Reiki and could use it on her cat. 


Story #4:    I was treating someone who had been suffering with a Kidney Stone. The stone wasn't passing and she was scheduled for surgery within a week of seeing me.  She lived an hour away from me and wasn't able to travel to have another "in person" session.   I told her that I could do "absentee treatments" and treat her from a distance.  Hopefully the kidney stone would pass before the date of the surgery. I sent her three (3) absentee Reiki treatments and guess what?  She passed the stone and avoided the surgery. She said it was well worth paying for the treatments  as she didn't have to take time off work for surgery, pay for the cost of the surgery, and she felt 100% better. 


Story #5:    This is a story about treating sciatica This person does a lot of traveling and prefers to receive Absentee treatments.  She wrote me a note saying the following: " Elayne, your Absentee treatments of Reiki help me so much.  I know that without it, my activities would be very limited.   I really don't know how I would manage without the Reiki you send me.  I can still travel and friends are amazed how well I am doing.  Plus the pain is very manageable so I don't have to take many prescriptions.  Please don't stop.  Thank you."


Story #6: I treated a 9 year old girl with Attention Deficit /Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). At the beginning of the session she was very guarded, anxious, and sensitive. She started feeling the balancing effects of Reiki.  She soon became very relaxed and fell asleep.  Each session took from 60 to 75 minutes.  As I am not a medical doctor, I cannot speak from a medical perspective that Reiki will regulate disorders in the brain.  I can just report the experiences that I have encountered.  As the body becomes more relaxed and balanced with a Reiki treatment, self healing can take place.  The girl’s parents noticed the calming effects lasted after the session.  After the third treatment, they said to me that “It seems like we have a different child.  We wish we had known about Reiki a few years ago.”  They have since taken my First Degree class and now continue treating her themselves.  It is very rewarding and a privilege to have the opportunity to treat children who have various challenges. 



Story #7:    During my Reiki training, I heard that Mrs. Takata said that Reiki can cure hair issues --like going bald. It would take time and the younger the person, the faster the results. She said it could take up to a year to have a full head of hair. I didn't think it would be possible and wanted to try it on a member of my family. I am not going into details now of what it entailed except to say I gave him daily treatments on his scalp for a month. After the month he went for a haircut and his barber noticed the hair was growing in the bald spot on the top of his head. We are hoping this means that continuing treatments he may have a full head of hair.   


NOTE -- Stories 6 & 7 are great examples of why it is a great investment to learn Reiki. You can take care of yourself and not have to go for numerous sessions.  Plus,  you can help others in your family at no extra cost. 



Examples of What People Feel During a Treatment



        -  Some say they feel heat, coolness, or tingling sensations

        -  Others feel nothing yet they do feel the benefits of a treatment

        -  People experience feeling a state of extreme calmness, relaxation, and may fall asleep

        -  Some notice that their chronic or acute pain diminishes or completely goes away

        -  Many say they feel an improvement in blood flow and balance within their body

        -  People  notice a faster recovery from injuries and/or surgery 

        -  Some experience a flushing of toxins from their body which helps with healing


**    There have been times when people say that they do not feel any sensations.  This does not mean that Reiki isn’t working. Reiki helps on many different levels, and it most certainly is safe. Over the next few days following your treatment, be aware of your mood, emotions, and subtle changes in your body. You will probably feel the positive effects of having a Reiki treatment... such as feeling less anxious or stressed.


              What Happens During a Reiki Session



-             -  A session usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes

-             -  You, (the client) are fully clothed (except for removing your shoes) 

              -  We will spend some time discussing your issues and expectations

-             -  You lay on a massage/Reiki table or can be seated in a chair

 -            -  Soft relaxing music is played or the treatment is done in silence

-             -  Reiki or Cosmic energy flows through a Reiki practitioner’s hands and into your body

              -  You may experience sensations as listed above  (eg. very calm, sleepy, tingling)




Explaining Absentee Reiki Treatments


Absentee treatments differ from Hands-on (in person) treatments. Trust me when I say it's amazing since we do not have to be together in the same room, the same city, or even the same  continent. It still works!!  You may have seen or heard this way of sending Reiki referred by others as Distant or Remote treatments. In her teaching notes, Mrs. Takata wrote that these are called "Absentee treatments".  Once again, as a way of honoring Mrs. Takata's teachings, I also call them Absentee treatments.  I have found that those who are unfamiliar with energy healing ask if Absentee treatments work by sending Reiki through computers, via email, or over the phone.  No, it doesn't work that way.  


How can a treatment be "sent" without seeing it connecting? Today's technology of cell telephones, cable television, and internet use energy frequencies that we cannot see and yet they all work. They all have ways to adjust the flow of energy built in so they work when we turn them on. When people first heard about these things they probably doubted or questioned how they work. Absentee Reiki works the same way. How do you explain saying prayers for sick people and hearing afterwards that they report feeling much better? Sometimes we cannot explain things and just need to accept and trust that they work. You don't need to believe in it to work.  Do you need to believe that a drug like Tylenol works to reduce a fever?  No, and yet Tylenol does reduce a  fever without believing in it.   I tell people, just try having a Reiki treatment and see what happens. 


The effects of receiving an Absentee Reiki treatment is the same as having an Hands-on treatment.  In either case, it is highly recommended that a person receive a treatment over four (4) consecutive days, especially for chronic conditions. After four Reiki treatments, we would discuss how you are feeling and then determine if and/or how often you would want future sessions. Some of my clients like to have a Reiki treatment ("tune up") once a month. I do not push that you have on-going sessions unless you feel it's beneficial.



Cost for Reiki Treatments 


I realize the cost for treatments and attending Reiki classes can add up. Unfortunately, at this time, most health insurance companies do not pay for Reiki sessions. You will have to determine whether or not it is worth spending your time and money on treatments.  Speaking from personal experience of deciding what to do, I offer the following points to consider:


     -  Would you like to improve your present situation?

     -  Discern how you feel about continuing on your present course of not receiving help

     -  To what extent are you willing to try another way to feel better and change? 

     -  Cost is relative; you may pay in pain, suffering, negativity, or money 

     -  Only you can determine if you should try receiving Reiki and see how you feel


Learning how to do Reiki on yourself is a win-win situation.  You will always be able to do treatments anytime you want, and won't have to continue paying for them. Reiki can help you cope with life's challenges and situations. The added bonus of learning Reiki is that you can treat other people and animals as well as yourself.  

If you have never received a Reiki treatment, I suggest you do that first.   Then we can discuss the possibility of taking classes.   Some people enjoy having me treat them and have no interest in learning.  It's a personal choice. 



*   ** Rest assured that what is said or happens during the session remains confidential between us.

All Reiki treatments, that are done in person, take place in Lexington, KY or Needham, MA.  

Of course, Reiki  Absentee treatments can be done anywhere and anytime. **