Anyone can benefit from a Reiki session. People choose to have a Reiki treatment or take a class for a variety of reasons. Some examples include:

  • to work through physical pain and illness
  • to relieve and address the stress/anxiety in their lives
  • to resolve grief
  • to move through a divorce
  • to help with finding employment 
  • to release childhood traumas
  • to seek clarity in decision-making

The following testimonials are from some of my clients and students...



** From:  Hunter B. in Needham, MA   (In-person treatment and absentee for dog)

 Thanks so much for the two Reiki treatments. I am feeling fabulous!  I did a number of things afterwards (shopping, cleaning, laundry) and for now, all my aches and pains have vanished.  I have so much energy and am able to get ready for my upcoming move.  You are really a true healer.  Thanks so much for all you do.


Email I received a few weeks later from Hunter

"I still feel great and have survived the move to another part of Needham.  I want to thank you again for the Absentee Reiki treatments that you sent my dog Lexi.  We moved 3 weeks ago and Lexi was having a terrible time adjusting to the change.  It was almost as if she was depressed as she wasn't eating or sleeping properly.   After a few Absentee Reiki sessions, she was just like the old Lexi we knew.    Once again, I will say -- I don't understand why people won't give Reiki a try.  Please add this to the endorsement I wrote earlier this month."




** From:  Charles Griggs - Massachusetts (First Degree Reiki Class)

It was truly a wonderful experience taking the First Degree Reiki class. Elayne Crystal excels in her teaching, in addition to displaying honesty, warmth,  and knowledge truly befitting a Reiki Master. Her open, authentic, and transparent attitude makes it easy for her humor and wisdom to shine through.

Elayne's class was well put together, as she continuously stressed the importance of history, tradition, ethics, simplicity, and constant practice through hands-on experience.  I look forward to learning much more in the future!!!  I wish everyone were lucky enough to take her class! An experience with Elayne will show you just the type of humble, compassionate, and empathetic person I think we all aspire to be.



** From: Lorraine Martire - Rye Brook, New York (First Degree Reiki Class)

Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience. You never know what to expect when you decide to sign up for a class after reading about it online.  Your  website explains it perfectly and prepared me for the type of Reiki that you practice and teach.

Your knowledge of the history of Reiki and your structured approach to teaching made it very easy to understand. I can see where other teachers can complicate the process. I truly look forward to practicing self treatment and am definitely considering a future in pursuing a Reiki practice. Hopefully I will see you in a few months for the 2nd degree training.


** From: Julia -  Lexington, Kentucky  (First Degree Reiki Class)

I don't think I could have found a finer Reiki trainer. I not only received the best Reiki instruction, I had a delightful two days of classroom training.   

Elayne --I appreciate your support and loved learning the traditional way Mrs Takata taught Reiki to her students.  Thank You!    



 ** From: Robin - Massachusetts   (First & Second Degree Classes)

I took a First degree class with another instructor and was very confused.  In that class, there were no handouts.  I spent more time writing things down and missed a lot of what was going on.  Handouts are a must for me. I would write things down but am not good at organizing things.  The notebook I received from Elayne is invaluable for me. It includes a lot of great information and I like that I can read it whenever I want.

I appreciated the option of taking Elayne’s class by myself and not in a group setting.   I needed time to understand what was being shown; I learned that some things I had been previously taught were not how or what Takata taught. I realize that sometimes a small group is better for students because different people have different types of questions and that opens up an interesting dialogue between students.  In my case, it worked out well that I could take it on my own.  There was also a lot of practice time which I did not have in the other class that I took.  I really appreciate all that Elayne has to offer.

I recently took Elayne’s Second degree class.  I learned how to do Mental-Emotional treatments on people as well as my dog.  Elayne was very patient and had fun too.  She was very open to offering suggestions and helping me to understand things better than the other teacher did.   I enjoyed learning the Traditional way that Reiki was taught years ago.  It’s very simple without all the “extras” that some teachers are presently including in their classes. 


** From: Terry Spencer - Lexington, Kentucky   (Reiki Treatments & Classes)

I first went to Elayne for a Reiki treatment to help with a stiff neck and back problems. I did not reveal to her that I also had poison ivy on my arm. When I get poison ivy, I found it is always slow to heal.  Yet, after my Reiki  treatment it healed faster than it ever had. If I'd have had any doubts about Reiki that would have diminished them. I've always believed in the power of positive energy but also know that focus and procedure is important.  I took the First degree class  so I could do Reiki on myself, my indoor cat (with health concerns), and family members that could all benefit from Reiki.

I wanted to do Reiki as absentee treatments on my indoor cat, outdoor cats, and family members who do not live in Lexington. So I took the Second degree class  and was not disappointed.  It has left me with a sense of well being and peace of mind. I would whole heartedly recommend Elayne to anyone interested in learning Reiki. She is an engaging and patient teacher and presents the material in a way that is easily understood and readily encourages questions. The background and history of Reiki is relayed with a skilled storyteller’s enthusiasm which draws one in and, for me created a sense of excitement. It is an honor to be part of such a rich legacy of positivity and healing. There is no greater soul fulfillment than to be able to give comfort and to help a person or animal in the healing process. 

Update from Terry a few years later (Summer 2019) - I have recently been experiencing a series of stressful and challenging events. Things kept going awry and my health was being negatively affected. Elayne sent "distant Reiki" to help with the situations and to help me feel calmer. After a few days I noticed that things began to turn around culminating in positive outcomes. I am so happy to report that my days are now much better and I am experiencing a sense of comfort, which I haven’t felt in a long time.  Once again, I am grateful for Reiki and appreciate Elayne's help when needed


 ** From: RK - Visiting Musician at Woodsongs -  Lexington, KY  (Reiki Treatment)

Elayne volunteers at Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour.  She offers Reiki treatments to performers and the volunteers before the show begins.  I was feeling tired and a little anxious from my travel schedule to get to Lexington on time. I also had some wrist pain.  While treating me, I enjoyed hearing about her experiences with Reiki as well as her knowledge of the history of it. I felt calmer and then energized to perform.  My wrist felt a lot better too. Thank you Elayne, for sharing your skills.  You made a remarkable difference in how I felt and this made for a better performance. 


** From: Zach – Guest guitar player, home is in California ( Regular & Absentee Reiki Treatment)

Elayne writes:  Zach gave me permission to write about his experience with Reiki. Out of respect for Zach being in the entertainment business and his privacy, I am not mentioning his full name or the name of his music group.

 When Zach came to perform at Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour, in 2016, he asked me to do Reiki on his neck, shoulders, back, and for his energy level.  He told me how playing the guitar, travelling, and sleeping in different hotel beds are hard on a musician's body.  He felt immediate relief when I treated him.  About a month later he contacted me saying that he continued to feel better for the next few days.  Unfortunately, his lifestyle hadn't changed and he was experiencing a lot of pain again.  He arranged for me to send him four "absentee Reiki" treatments.  I heard from him a few days later and he was happy to report that he felt a great improvement.  

Reiki Rocks !!


** From: John W. Williamson -  Lexington, KY  (Reiki Treatment)

Dear Elayne -- 

I can never thank you enough for your assistance with Reiki. I am happy to share my experience with others so feel free to post this on your web site. We were at the same function and I had just met you.  A few minutes later, I fell and injured my ankle.  You saw me and came over right away.  I knew that I would have to go to the hospital for an x-ray and diagnosis but did not want to leave until the event we both were attending was over. 

With my permission, you started doing Reiki immediately on my ankle and the pain subsided.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  I also appreciated that you explained to me what you were doing and how Reiki has no adverse side effects.  All I felt was warmth and the pain went away long enough for me to stay at the event.  I would never have made it through the evening without your wonderful, kind, and very effective help.  I have had more medical problems and appreciate now receiving Reiki from you, as distant treatments.   I want to let others know it’s worth the investment to have treatments and feel better.   --  John


** From: Judy S. - Lexington, KY   (Reiki Treatments)

I have had knee pain for years. I went for physical therapy and took medications but that didn't help. My knee and leg would start hurting when I stood up and would walk. It felt like it would just give way if I put weight on it. So I decided to try Reiki and had a few treatments with Elayne. By the evening of the third treatment, I noticed the pain went away. I took the dog for a walk the next morning and didn't have to take the steps one at a time. I was so excited! You know having limited mobility is really depressing and I had things I wanted to do but couldn't because of the pain.


I also noticed that when I had the Reiki treatments that other parts of my body felt better. I was more relaxed and could lessen the medications I was taking for other conditions. I find that I like to repeat the 5 precepts every day and when I stopped seeing Elayne I decided I would incorporate saying them as part of my daily routine. Elayne, I can't thank you enough for helping me heal with Reiki.


** From: Fay - Toronto, Ontario Canada    (Reiki Treatments)

I had been suffering from intense shoulder pain for many years, the result of a rear-end auto collision. I went for physiotherapy for several months after the accident but nothing helped. I just learned to cope with the pain. I went to visit Elayne and she gave me a Reiki treatment for my shoulder. I was a bit skeptical at first but the next day, I woke up and realized that my shoulder had stopped hurting. I was elated!! I told Elayne how wonderful I felt and how I was pain-free for the first time in almost a decade. She sent me several absentee treatments to reinforce her initial treatment as we weren't in the same city after the first treatment.

It's been many years since Elayne treated me and I can honestly say that my shoulder is amazingly better.  I am very impressed how Reiki can heal the body. 



** From:  KC visiting from Naples, Florida  (Reiki treatment for menstrual cramping)

I was visiting a friend in Lexington KY, and experiencing a lot of menstrual cramping with my periods. I had gone to someone else in Florida area (for massage and Reiki to treat my cramping) and was not happy with the results. That person didn’t seem to know what she was doing.  Fortunately my friend told me about Elayne and how she does Reiki the traditional way.  Elayne has had a lot of training and experience.   

I explained that I was having unbearable pain during the first two days of my cycle.  She was more than happy to see me and I had two sessions.  I was very comfortable with Elayne’s method of treating me.  I especially felt warmth around the abdominal area and could also feel the energy flowing through my body.  I was extremely happy as I no longer felt pain or discomfort during that menstrual cycle.  The best part is that I not had any more cramping and it’s been over a year since I saw Elayne.  I look forward to returning to Lexington and having a “tune up” treatment.