There are five precepts (or principles) which are considered to be the foundation of Reiki. These are inscribed (in Japanese) on Mikao Usui's gravestone in Japan. The precepts are introduced by these two sentences:

The secret art of inviting happiness,
The miracle medicine for all diseases


These five precepts are the very core of the Reiki system. They are guidelines for how you should live your life. By following these precepts you can achieve much happiness and good health. They have been explained in many ways. Mikao Usui taught these and passed them on to Chujiro Hayashi. He taught them to Hawayo Takata and she also taught them to the students in her classes.  Living your life following these precepts you will develop the inner strength and sense how to think and act.  By knowing how to be more mindful in your thoughts, speech, and  daily contacts with others, you will feel freer, less worried, and ultimately feel healthier and happier. 

There are different translations from the Japanese writing. They have been translated from Japanese into English and many other languages.  Sometimes they are taught in a different order. The order isn’t important.  It is more important to know what they represent and follow them as you go through daily activities. 

When you take my Reiki First Degree class, time is spent going over these in greater detail. We will discuss and see how we can apply these precepts to our lives today. You will learn how and why Mikai Usui integrated these spiritual concepts into the teaching of Reiki.  The five principles or precepts are:


Just for today, let go of anger
Just for today, let go of worry
Just for today, be grateful  
Just for today, do your work honestly
Just for today, be kind to all living things


 At the end of the precepts Mikao Usui wrote an explanation of what you should do daily:


Put your hands in Gassho and repeat these precepts in your mind at the beginning and end of each day.
Usui Reiki Ryoho – Improve your mind and body


- From the founder, Mikao Usui


On a personal note, I find “not worrying” one of the harder precepts to practice.  I have realized that for me, worrying does not change anything except my levels of stress and feelings of inner peace.  This ultimately affects my health.   When I was starting to set up this web site, I had a major computer problem and literally went into a panic mode.  The problem took some time to fix and all that time I was anxious, frustrated, and worried.  Then I realized that my worrying did nothing to help the situation.   The next time I had a similar problem, I was able to give myself a Reiki treatment and be patient as the situation was being fixed.  It didn’t take that long and I was so happy that I didn’t waste my energy worrying about something that would eventually be resolved.  

In my classes I focus on teaching the precepts and why/how we can learn to follow them. Remember this:


           Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace



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