I practice and teach Reiki the way the founder, Mikao Usui, taught and practiced Reiki.  Mikao Usui was born August 15, 1865 in Japan.  He was an avid student and scholar.  He spent many years on an intellectual journey and discovered Reiki around 1922.  He treated the survivors of the great earthquake in 1923 with Reiki. This made people aware of Reiki and he was well respected throughout Japan. People came from great distances to learn and receive Reiki treatments from him.  Mikao Usui, taught Reiki to Chujiro Hayashi.  Hayashi taught it to Hawayo Takata.  I teach the history of Reiki in greater detail in my classes. 


Dr. Hayashi was a retired naval officer when he met Usui. He became one of Usui's Reiki Masters in 1925. He had a Reiki clinic where Mrs. Takata first met him. She studied with him and was the first Reiki Master to introduce Reiki outside of Japan.  She taught all over the United States and Canada for 40 years.  Reiki has now spread all over the world but not everyone teaches and learns it today the way Mrs. Takata did.  I am very fortunate and grateful that I could learn her way of teaching and living with Reiki. 

The Reiki system I teach is known as Usui Shiki (Reiki) Ryoho. This translates as Usui's Method (or style) of Natural Healing .  When I teach Reiki classes, you will learn about these three very important people and how they taught Reiki in the 1900s. I have the deepest respect for Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Takata.  They worked hard to make Reiki easy for others to understand and practice. 

Mrs. Takata always said that if you can find the cause of the illness and remove it, then you will notice the effects (or symptoms) go away. She emphasized that if you have had an illness or health problem for more than 21 days, the whole body is involved in the healing process. Sometimes  it may take a number of sessions and sometimes one is all it takes. You have to simply try it and see what happens.

If you treat only the afflicted area of the body, you may alleviate the symptoms for a while.  You probably will see a permanent healing can happen when the cause is treated. So by having a Reiki session on the entire body, we are helping to heal imbalances and sometimes, unknown causes of disease. The result of having a Reiki treatment is that the effect (or symptom) is eliminated.



  Reading About Reiki


There are hundreds of books written about Reiki and energy healing techniques. You need to know which ones are worth reading.  If not, you will likely become more confused as you read conflicting information and some things that are not true. If you are going to look at Reiki web sites or in books about Reiki, please be very careful about believing all you read. Unfortunately there are many people who have changed the way this simple system works. Things have been written about the way Mrs. Takata taught Reiki and they are often inaccurate or parts of what she taught have been changed and/or deleted.

I recommend good books and web sites and will be happy to do so when I get to know you and/or teach you Reiki. 


Reiki Practitioners are not trained to diagnose or prescribe medical treatment. The word "treatment"' used in Reiki is not to be confused or thought as being the same as used in the medical profession.  Think of a "treatment" meaning the same as the word "session".


Remember that you cannot learn how to do Reiki simply from reading a book or listening to a tape and/or watching a DVD. You must receive instruction and the four (4) initiations from a qualified Reiki Master. Only by attending a class can you receive the initiations and the teachings involved in the practice.  It is also very important to have someone to talk with and share what you are experiencing as you learn about Reiki.  That is my role as a Reiki Master/teacher. 


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